Linkshouse, The Palace, Birsay, KW17 2LX, Scotland

Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship

An Orkney based residency dedicated to supporting artists, curators, designers and other creative practitioners.

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The Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship is a new opportunity for artists, offering time for development, play and speculation. We support emerging artists whose work interpolates with Orkney, in an expanded sense. Artists are selected annually on the basis of creative ability and future potential.

The Fellowship is named in honour of the late Erlend Williamson: a valued artist, friend and son.


EWAF is a Fellowship of Artists led by Directors Maria Fusco, Ross Sinclair, Jo McGonigal and Andy Law. The Fellowship members are Ania Rachmat, Paul Wood, Mary Griffiths, Russ Hart, Michael Butterworth and Mark Wayman.


Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship
Scottish Charity No: SC041332
Scottish Company No: SC373411
Type: PRI/LBG/NSC SIC: 90040


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